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Beauty is lowering your guard and allowing yourself to be seen

Couples shoots have grown out of the wedding industry's exponential growth and increasing diversity. Just as culture itself is evolving, lots of rituals are developing, too. As a result, photography is slowly being tweaked or entirely overhauled to suit couples' tastes, quirks and values, and to make the moments we capture relevant to the broader culture we live in.

A common misconception is that you need to be engaged to have a couple's shoot; this is absolutely incorrect! Couples sessions can be an excuse to find new magic in one another and a chance to indulge in the bliss of a special place. They can be an embodiment of unity and an expression of your personalities and passions as a couple. So if you have a love story that you want captured, get in contact with me and let's go and take some fantastic photos together.

When asked what they would rescue from a house fire, many people would nominate their photographs. Our memories, intertwined with the stories we're told, and go on to tell, define our lives. Too often, as a photographer, I'm on the hamster wheel of capturing others precious moments, and I forget to pause and capture my own; today, I took a break from 'work' and did just that.

"Not only does Kathryn take AMAZING photos, but she creates such a safe and warm environment for her couples to really capture the moments you'll want to cherish forever. We first worked with Kathryn for our engagement photos in December where we got to explore the dramatic rocky mountain landscape surrounding Serpentine Gorge in the West MacDonnell Ranges (NT). She gave Zeke and I the space and confidence to explore, climb around rocks, and just be the goofballs we are. And the photos are seriously something else!! She got photos of us laughing, smiling, exploring, looking way cooler than we claim to be, and the whole session was SO much fun!"